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Sunday, August 28, 2016

When Church and Politics Collide, How Will We Respond?

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Alliance Defending Freedom
A church—and a pastor—that doesn’t form consciences for such a calling will only ensure that those consciences are shaped by something other than the Gospel.
Assumption of Risk Forms: A Legal Blind Spot for Many Churches
"The formative role of the Church is one reason the pro-life movement continues to resonate, with growing numbers, among young Christians. Abortion and human dignity are clearly not singularly “political” issues, but issues that demand political, ecclesial, and cultural reform and persuasion. Most importantly, this resonates because younger Christians recognize the Gospel as of first importance, and the pro-life movement has demonstrated why the life issue is a Gospel issue.
"As Christians, we can engage politics and culture without becoming either outraged or indifferent. If we believe we are on the losing side of history, we slide into the rage of those who know their time is short. We have no reason to be fearful or sullen or mean. We’re not the losers of history. We are not slouching toward Gomorrah; we are marching to Zion. The worst thing that can possibly happen to us has already happened: we’re dead. We were crucified at Skull Place, under the wrath of God. And the best thing that could happen to us has already happened: We’re alive, in Christ, and our future is seated at the right hand of God, and He’s feeling just fine.

Get Your Free Political Guide for Pastors and Churches
"When it comes to politics, every church and ministry must decide for itself how specific to be when it comes to biblical guidance and engagement. Our new legal guide Pastors Churches & Politics will help ministries navigate the laws surrounding tax-exempt status for religious organizations. It will equip ministries to identify what activities are permitted and prohibited by the IRS and its regulations so that you can both shepherd your people and protect your ministry." 

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