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Sunday, September 25, 2016

A black sergeant brings Obama and Black Lives Matter to justice

Sgt. Pennie and Freedom Watch have filed a federal lawsuit that names and shames the black and white backers of anti-police violence from Black Lives Matter to Barack Obama, from George Soros to Al Sharpton, from Farrakhan to Hillary Clinton. The lawsuit targets major anti-police organizations, naming Black Lives Matter and six of its leaders, including Alicia Garza, Patrisse Cullors and DeRay McKesson, Sharpton’s National Action Network, Farrakhan’s Nation of Islam and the New Black Panther Party.

“Obama has conspired to incite violence, looting, arson, assault against law enforcement.”

" 'Obama has conspired with all Defendants and others to incite violence, looting, arson, assault against law enforcement and helpless communities with the purpose of making a new 'fundamentally transformed America' appear preferable to the crime waves and chaos they themselves are creating.”
"These words come from a shocking lawsuit filed by an African-American police sergeant.
"Obama’s war on cops has cast a fearful shadow over police forces across the country, but no single force has suffered as much as the Dallas Police Department which buried five of its own. Now a lawsuit takes on not only the racists and bigots of Black Lives Matter but their backers all the way to the top.
"On a hot night in July, five police officers were murdered at a Black Lives Matter anti-police rally." . . . 
"But the whitewashing of Black Lives Matter began before the bodies of its latest victims were even cold.
"The media fussed over the impact on the hate group and a “backlash” against the “shell-shocked Black Lives Matter community in Dallas”. It wasn’t as concerned about the “shell-shocked” Dallas police officers who were targeted for death by this racist “community” of racists and left-wing radicals.
"At the memorial, Obama spent more time praising Black Lives Matter than its victims. The bodies were buried and the racist agitators got back to their business of inciting the murder of more police officers backed by $130 million in left-wing cash from big bucks leftists like Soros and the Ford Foundation.' "

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