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Sunday, September 11, 2016

IDF Veteran Danny Lewin, the first person killed on 9/11/2001. Heart-breaking video from ground zero.

Legal Insurrection   "This year, I learned of Danny Lewin, likely the first victim of the 9/11 attack, via a 2013 book review in The Tablet magazine I saw linked on Facebook:
By most accounts, Danny Lewin was the first victim of 9/11. Seated in seat 9B aboard American Airlines flight 11, he saw Mohamed Atta and Abdulaziz al-Omari, sitting just in front of him, rise and make their way to the cockpit. According to calls from flight attendants to air traffic officials, later documented in the 9/11 Commission’s report, Lewin wasted no time in acting. Having served as an officer in Sayeret Matkal, the Israel Defense Forces’ top unit, he moved to tackle the terrorists. The man in 10B, Satam al-Suqami, moved, too, producing a knife and slitting Lewin’s throat. Less than 30 minutes later, at 8:46 a.m., the plane crashed into the World Trade Center’s North Tower." . . .

"Each anniversary of the 9/11 attack it’s important for me to learn something new when researching a post.
"In past years I’ve learned of the recording that Melissa Harrington Hughes left on her home answering machine for her husband, 9/11/01 and Memory:" . . .

Grisly memory that can haunt us. But first you need to know what a PASS Device is: 
" . . .a personal safety device used primarily by firefighters entering a hazardous (IDLH) environment such as a burning building. The PASS device sounds a loud (95 decibel) audible alert to notify others in the area that the firefighter is in distress. On a fireground, the sound of an activated PASS device indicates a true emergency and results in an immediate response to rescue the firefighter(s) in distress."

Having learned this, watch this heart-breaking video with your sound up.

. . . "And I located a recording of the chirping sound of PASS devices I remembered so well, each one representing the death of a first responder, I never have been able to erase that sound from my memory:"

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