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Saturday, September 3, 2016

Let's see what today's Colinoscopy has to show

"But his ignorance and stupidity is just starting. Kaepernick is upset because a handful of black men have been shot by police. Meanwhile there are thousands of black Americans shot each year on the streets of Chicago." Wayne Allen Root 
". . .  The police union letter isn’t about his refusal to stand for the national anthem but rather his pig socks and anti-cop statements. It would also seem to indicate that Kaepernick won’t be among the roster cuts to be announced on Saturday. Ironically, the overpaid Prima Donna may have saved his job by becoming a hero to liberals and blacktivists who would turn his being jettisoned into nothing short of a crucifixion. There is already a new hashtag #KapSoBlack although not one as of yet that is more honest like #BlackMillionairesMatter.
"One thing is for sure and that is by not acting, the 49ers organization is effectively rewarding Kaepernick and in doing so will spread the seeds of black militance to locker rooms throughout the NFL."
Colin Kaepernick – the Dumbing Down of America  . . . "The kid is young, dumb and filled with…ignorance. He is a tragic example of the liberal biased, hateful “blame America first” propaganda taught to America’s young people at schools and universities." . . .

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Kaepernicking the NFL  . . . "To be sure, the NFL brought this upon itself by wading into the quagmire of radical social issues with thoughtless pandering to racists (remember Super Bowl halftime?), feminists, gender extremists, and other assorted crazies.  By so doing, it created the opportunity for Kaepernick but also set itself on a glide path to irrelevancy, as sponsors have undoubtedly taken horrified notice." . . .

I Just Want to Enjoy Watching the Game  "Nobody watches sports because they want to raise their level of “social awareness.” Nobody tunes in to Monday Night Consciousness-Raising. Most sports fans are perfectly aware of the world’s problems. They are much more likely to encounter those problems in their daily lives than any of the well-paid, famous players on the field. I can’t speak for all of them, but I think their mentality isn’t too far from mine." . . .

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