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Saturday, September 24, 2016

Michelle Obama can’t hide her disdain for Melania Trump

M. Catharine Evans   "There is no sugarcoating Michelle Obama's venomous response to a question from Stephen Colbert on Tuesday night.  At the same time black mobs were beating up innocent white people in Charlotte, North Carolina, showing no mercy, Mrs. Obama, appearing on Colbert's late night show, went after Melania Trump."
. . . 
The disturbing visuals aside, when asked if she was stuck on a deserted island with a famous person, who it would be, Mrs. Obama answered, "Beyoncé...she's mine." 

. . . "We won't hear the media reporting on Michelle's cruelty and hate-filled facial expressions directed at successful white women who aren't Beyoncé.  This is a first lady who gives black power speeches to college students and whose daughter Malia was caught on video allegedly smoking dope, twerking, and beer-ponging  all with little mainstream interest.  Remember how the media went after the Bush twins?  Enough said."
Most concerning is the way so many in America adore this woman in spite of her anger.

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