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Sunday, October 16, 2016

Hillary did make sense on some points. . .

. . . but then, did she mean it? If, as president, she delivers an Oval Office address, how can we believe a word she says? We cannot.  (I'm the Tunnel Dweller and I approved this message)

Zero Hedge
"*Speaking About Financial Regulations, Clinton Said “The People That Know The Industry Better Than Anybody Are The People Who Work In The Industry.”
“There's nothing magic about regulations, too much is bad, too little is bad. How do you get to the golden key, how do we figure out what works? And the people that know the industry better than anybody are the people who work in the industry.”
. . .
The fifth and final highlighted excerpt blames banks' unwillingness to "do what they need to do" due to fear of regulations, the same regulations which in the same speech she said should be left to Wall Street.
"*Clinton Said “Banks Are Not Doing What They Need To Do Because They're Scared Of Regulations, They're Scared Of The Other Shoe Dropping. 
*“I mean, right now, there are so many places in our country where the banks are not doing what they need to do because they're scared of regulations, they're scared of the other shoe dropping, they're just plain scared, so credit is not flowing the way it needs to to restart economic growth. So people are, you know, a little -- they're still uncertain, and they're uncertain both because they don't know what might come next in terms of regulations, but they're also uncertain because of changes in a global economy that we're only beginning to take hold of.”
. . .
Addtionally(sp), as flagged by Reuters earlier, in the June 4 Goldman Sachs speech, Hillary warned Beijing it would "ring China with missile defense" unless it did more to rein in North Korea's missile program.
Because they could not only do damage to our treaty allies, namely Japan and South Korea, but they could actually reach Hawaii and the west coast theoretically, and we're going to ring China with missile defense. We're going to put more of our fleet in the area.
"Clinton told Goldman that the message to China had been, "You either control them, or we're going to have to defend against them."  According to Reuters, the State Department on Friday declined to comment on "alleged leaked documents." When asked whether such a message had been delivered to China, an official said it was not department policy to comment publicly on diplomatic discussions.Although Clinton's reported comments raised a stir in Asia, Reuters adds.
"Clinton said she also told her Chinese counterparts that the United States had as much a claim to the Pacific as China, given that U.S. forces had liberated it in World War Two.
"China had "a right to assert themselves," but the United States needed to "push back to create a balance" to prevent China taking a chokehold on sea lanes and countries bordering the South China Sea, she said."
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