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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

America deserves a better media, but don’t hold your breath

Or what about journalists’ steadfast refusal to see Hillary Clinton as the God-awful candidate she was?  One of Trump’s recurring statements – that Hillary is the most corrupt person ever to run for president – was never addressed by the media, let alone refuted.  They couldn’t refute it, but why did its truth not matter to them?
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Richard Davis  . . . "Hillary’s defeat is unfathomable to the media, and they are virtually inconsolable.  They went to bat for her – lied, concealed and distorted the truth just as she had done  disgracing themselves and their profession gladly for the cause.  Why wouldn’t the deplorables listen to them?
“ 'This is the victory of the uneducated and uninformed,” proclaimed leftist journalism professor Jeff Jarvis, whose elitism tells more about the sorry state of American journalism than he’s capable of realizing.  “I fear that journalism is irredeemably broken, a failure.  My profession failed to inform the public about the fascist they are electing.”  Yeah, this idiot teaches young people.
"Brian Stelter on CNN’s Reliable Sources (they really call it that) agreed with the failure nonsense.  “This was a collective failure – a failure of imagination.  In some ways, a mass delusion.  And the media contributed to it.”
"Who’s really deluded?  What except bias, arrogance, and incompetence can explain the near universal failure of the media to understand the obvious undercurrents affecting this election?" . . .


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