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Friday, November 18, 2016

Progressives’ Anti-Christian Bigotry Helped Make Trump President

National Review

"They have only themselves to blame for driving away millions of Evangelicals."
. . . "There is a pervasive feeling among American Christians that secular progressives will actively seek out new and creative ways to persecute and marginalize them."
. . . 
"Millions of American Christians understand that if you work for a state or local governments — or even for private companies — publicly vocalizing traditional Christian views of sexual morality can cost you your job, even as outspoken support for radically new sexual morality is lauded. If you start a Christian group on campus, administrators by the hundreds will deem you “discriminatory” and “bigoted” for daring to assert that it should be run by Christians. Meanwhile, liberal activist groups operate with impunity, often coordinating their well-funded efforts with university administrators and faculty."
. . .
"If you’re a Christian who runs a business, you’re exactly one decision or one statement away not just from vicious social-media shame campaigns and boycotts but also from vengeful state action that could close your store and bankrupt your family.

"If you’re a Christian applying for a job in higher education, you can expect doors to be slammed in your face, less-qualified candidates to enjoy greater opportunities, and hostile faculties and administrations to sometimes ask probing or even illegal questions about your “bigotry.' ”

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