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Tuesday, February 14, 2017

NYT TV critic cautions SNL on Trump-hating skits

Thomas Lifson  "Make no mistake: Mike Hale, TV critic of the New York Times, despises Donald Trump.  But even he sees the problem with Saturday Night Live's relentless attacks on the Trump administration.  In a Sunday edition article titled "Review: 'S.N.L.' Targets Trump Again, With a Hint of Exhaustion," he outlines his concerns that mere weeks into the Trump presidency, the hatred may be entering counterproductive territory with last Saturday's show.
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"Leftists are outraged at Trump, but there is no evidence that the country as a whole is outraged.  Pussy hats and riots are not attracting new adherents.  A majority supports the visa pause for terror hotspot countries, while the left fulminates.  And the longing for Trump to be impeached, to be assassinated, or to die in office – not to mention a military coup as hypothesized by a former Obama administration official in a "serious" journal – reveals full-blown Trump Derangement Syndrome."

“Saturday Night Live” and the Limits of Trump Mockery

The urgency of the political satire on “Saturday Night Live,” including Alec Baldwin’s devastating portrayal of Donald Trump, relies on the White House’s regular and ridiculously wounded responses to the jokes.

. . . "There was, on Saturday and into Sunday morning, a feeling that this all couldn’t go on much longer. It’s not that the performers and writers are running out of ideas—Melissa McCarthy’s Spicer impression was still wildly funny (this time in high heels!), and a recorded sketch in which the White House counsellor Kellyanne Conway (McKinnon, brilliant again) and the CNN host Jake Tapper (Beck Bennett, with an unkind hairline) are trapped in a “Fatal Attraction”-style relationship of violent attraction and revulsion was a risky, frankly terrifying bit of comedy that also dramatized Trumpism’s sickening allure." . . .

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