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Saturday, February 11, 2017

The Time Has Come for 51

"The left would love to run a new socialist nation in North America, where it could tax brutally and spend wildly on transgender bathrooms, climate change initiatives, high-speed rail boondoggles, and a host of other agenda items championed by the purveyors of identity and environmental politics."
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John Steinreich   "After nearly three decades in L.A. County, NestlĂ© will soon move its headquarters from California to Virginia.  This food services giant with an estimated $235 billion in assets worldwide will by the end of 2018 remove 1,200 jobs from a state that relies heavily on income taxes to fund its massive public sector.

"NestlĂ©'s exodus follows other big employers, including Toyota, Campbell's Soup, Dunn-Edwards Paints, and eBay – which took with them tens of thousands of jobs – and mirrors the flight of mom-and-pop operations, entrepreneurs, families, and individuals who have ditched the once Golden State for places where the weather is less clement but the business and tax climate is welcoming.  With Republicans, conservatives, and Reagan Democrats hightailing it out of high-priced California, the remaining statist majority has a voice that is progressively increasing in volume, and with it, the call for a "Calexit" secession from the Union grows louder.  With some cynicism and a bit of righteous indignation, many Americans long to look westward to San Francisco, L.A., and Sacramento and wave goodbye and good riddance." . . .   Read more:

California secession leaders open an embassy - in Moscow!  Well, Bernie Sanders loved it there.
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. . . "California gained an embassy in Russia last weekend, at least in the eyes of those who have promised to seek a statewide vote on secession, nicknamed “Calexit,” in 2018.

Louis Marinelli, a San Diego resident who is the leader of the group promoting an effort to turn the state into an independent country , organized the Moscow event that was publicized on social media.
“ 'We want to start laying the groundwork for a dialogue about an independent California joining the United Nations now,” he said in an email Monday." . . .

"I suspect that if Marinelli has his way, the California national flag will feature a hammer and sickle. Given our state’s progressive policies, one might be already hidden in the background."

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