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Monday, February 20, 2017

Trump vs the media vs Trump

Enemies of the people
. . . Trump is America's chance to reduce the size of the greedy government and bureaucracy.  He will need a spine of steel to fight off the media, the Democrats, and establishment Republicans like McCain and Graham – both great reasons for term limits. 
So yes, when the media intentionally seek to sabotage and destroy a president because their chosen candidate lost, they are essentially an enemy of the American people.  They choose what to report and what not to report based on an agenda instead of on actual facts.
no press freedom

When President Obama’s National Security Advisor Lied, The Media Laughed
"It’s somewhat ironic that this email was disclosed the same day the anti-Trump universe was spinning into the stratosphere over Michael Flynn’s resignation as President Trump’s national security advisor."
Where was McCain when Obama attacked the free press?   . . . "What stands out here is the hypocrisy of his claims. He's suddenly concerned about press freedoms and dictators?
"Where was McCain when President Obama was systematically violating press freedoms every which way to Tuesday?
"Seven examples of Obama's attacks on a free press spring to mind and not one of them drew any significant criticism from McCain." . . . 
. . . "The Obama list is quite long, and that is not surprising. Obama was a socialist and socialists of all stripes have a long record of suppressing freedom of the press, subordinating its expression to the interests of an all-powerful state and its dictator. McCain found nothing wrong with that when Obama was playing that game and undercutting the press in what seemed to be pretty oppressive and downright illegal behavior." . . .
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