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Saturday, February 18, 2017

Why the assassination of Kim Jong Un's brother should terrify us all

" . . .North Korea's entire propaganda apparatus for many decades has revolved around the Kim family's mystical claim to power — if you were to envisage a coup, it might be useful to have another Kim lying around to use as a figurehead. Enter Kim Jong Nam."

The Week  . . . "Even in the face of these terrifying realities, the world outside North Korea seems woefully unprepared and complacent. Whether it's China, South Korea, or the U.S., the world's strategy towards North Korea seems to be to cross fingers, close eyes, and hope for the best. I have previously argued that the world should effect a controlled demolition of the North Korean regime, so that what may be controlled can be. I realize that this is an "extreme" position, but my fear is that few contemplate with enough seriousness how truly extreme an uncontrolled collapse of the North Korean regime would be. Indeed, North Korea's collapse is coming — perhaps sooner than we realize — and we are unprepared." . . .


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