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Thursday, March 23, 2017

Surveillance Sauce for the Goose

Obama Trump Traps
Volokh Conspiracy  "Having trouble understanding what President Trump and Rep. Nunes are banging on about?  Try putting the shoe on the other foot…
"It’s 2020. Kamala Harris finishes a close second in New Hampshire, beating expectations that Elizabeth Warren would sweep her neighboring state (and its shared media market).  Harris roars into South Carolina, where she suddenly leads in the polls with a message of repudiating what she calls the Trump administration’s  dangerous foreign brinksmanship.
"Whatever you call it, you can’t call it dull.  President Trump has forced Iran to renegotiate the nuclear deal by the simple expedient of expanding US sanctions to include the seizure and impoundment of any tanker carrying Iranian oil.  The oil market remains stable, buoyed by record US oil and gas production.  But the move prompts a diplomatic rupture and some tense maritime confrontations with India and China. Undeterred, the President says North Korea is next in line for what he calls, “Sanctions that work. Unlike the last guy’s. Not a leader!”
"But it will only take one foreign mishap to make Harris tough to beat.  She’s fresh and virtually untouched by Warren’s surprised oppo research team.  The Trump team vows that it won’t be caught similarly flat-footed.
"In July, the intelligence community picks up rumors that intelligence services from Iran, North Korea, and China are working together to ensure a Harris victory in November.
"The President erupts at an NSC meeting.  “This is intolerable!  I want to know everything about foreign interference in our election – and whether any Americans are colluding with Iran.  This is a top priority for all of our counterintelligence agencies.' ” . . .

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