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Wednesday, April 5, 2017

President Trump is methodically undoing Obama's policies bit by bit . . .

. . . "from abortion to climate change - but it hasn't all been smooth sailing "

UK Daily Mail

President Trump is seen above approving the permit to built the Keystone XL pipeline on March 24. Amid staff turmoil and shake-ups, travel bans blocked by federal courts and the Russia cloud hanging overhead, Trump is plucking away at another piece of his agenda: undoing Obama

"Amid the turmoil over staff shake-ups, blocked travel bans and the Russia cloud hanging overhead, President Donald Trump is steadily plugging away at a major piece of his agenda: Undoing Obama.

"From abortion to energy to climate change and personal investments, Trump is keeping his promises in methodically overturning regulations and policies adopted when Barack Obama was president.

"It hasn't all been smooth sailing.

"Trump recently failed to fulfill his pledge to repeal and replace the Affordable Care Act, which continues to stand as Obama's most recognizable domestic policy achievement. 

"Trump and House Speaker Paul Ryan couldn't persuade enough fellow Republicans to back new health care legislation last month. Ryan pulled the measure just before a scheduled House vote.

"Trump has had better outcomes in other areas." . . .   Read more on the list here.

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