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Monday, May 8, 2017

Has Hillary ever been the cream of the Democrat crop?

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel
All of Hillary Clinton’s ‘but for’ excuses  . . . "When you lose by 78,000 votes — or less than 1,000 in Florida as Al Gore did — everything is a “but for” cause of defeat, as Ron Klain (who was closely involved in multiple tight, losing campaigns) likes to say. So here goes, one more time:
  • But for setting up the home server to begin with;
  • But for dribbling out the whole server story with some misstatements;
  • But for questions about the Clinton Foundation;
  • But for failing to spend enough time courting white working-class voters in the upper Midwest;
  • But for not have a well-enough defined message;
  • But for stagnant wages and slow growth under President Barack Obama;
  • But for demagoguery on trade and immigration;
  • But for media obsession with Donald Trump that helped get him the nomination;
  • But for a substantial reverse gender gap (i.e., men were averse to voting for her);
  • But for Russian bots on social media and the WikiLeaks release of embarrassing emails; and
  • But for 78,000 people in three states sitting home on the couch because they were certain she’d win . . .
"Clinton would be president. Most of that she is responsible for; some of it she is not." . . .

. . . "With the party demoralized and divided, and holding the fewest number of elected seats in a century, Clinton’s return will likely prolong the misery. While she’s a media magnet, she’s also a political dead end, having lost two presidential runs and ceded the future to the Bernie Sanders socialist wing.
"It’s hard to imagine her as the party’s savior, yet, instead of going away quietly, she’ll be competing with its candidates for money and attention. Anything she gets will come at the expense of new leaders and ideas." . . .

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