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Monday, May 29, 2017

On This Memorial Day, We Are Unmaking America

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National Review  . . . "I thought of this reality when I read General James Mattis’s comments to Dexter Filkins, one of our nation’s best national-security writers. In the middle of a long profile of Mattis, Filkins writes this: 
When I asked what worried him most in his new position, I expected him to say ISIS or Russia or the defense budget. Instead, he said, “The lack of political unity in America. The lack of a fundamental friendliness. It seems like an awful lot of people in America and around the world feel spiritually and personally alienated, whether it be from organized religion or from local community school districts or from their governments.” 
"Remember, these comments aren’t coming from a “kids, just get along” preschool teacher but rather from one of America’s most courageous and fearsome warriors. A man who’s called “Mad Dog.”

"I fear that General Mattis is right. There is a profound lack of unity in America. In fact, let’s ask a key question: Is there a single significant cultural, political, social, or religious trend that is pulling Americans together more than it is pushing us apart?" . . .Read more

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