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Saturday, May 6, 2017

Political Correctness Taliban Claims Another Scalp as Trump Army Secretary Nominee Withdraws

Also: The Hill is reporting “Trump Army secretary nominee withdraws amid fierce opposition”:

Downtrend  "The fanatical left can now add another scalp to their trophy case. The blood was still dripping from the pelt of Army Secretary nominee Mark Green who was forced to withdraw from consideration over allegedly mean things that he said about transgender folks.

"Green had the temerity to blaspheme the left’s unchallengeable dogma over throwing women’s restrooms open to weirdos, transvestites and possible sexual predators looking for child victims. It was a huge boost to the zealots who have fully embraced the culture wars as a means to intensify their anger over losing an election.
"A number of House Democrats had sent a letter calling for the Senate to reject Green and once the man who according to his influence may be the real POTUS – John McCain – gave Green a thumbs down it was all over but the formalities." . . .

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