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Tuesday, June 13, 2017

Democrats' long knives for Hillary starting to be unsheathed

Thomas Lifson

. . . "Media friends already warn Democrats of the dangers of a "destructive blame game" – because Republicans are the only ones who are supposed to be riven by internal factional conflict.  But Van Jones leaves no doubt that big money is at stake, and the left-race coalition is tired of the Clintons and their hogging.
"This is only going to get more entertaining.  Face it: an existential threat faces the Clinton Machine.  If Hillary is out of the game, future prospects for the hangers-on depend on Chelsea.  Turning her into a successful politician (or anything else) will be a herculean labor.  She has a lot of items on her C.V., but like Barack Obama, they seem to be titles without notable accomplishments attached to them.  Her sole visible work on NBC was an outright embarrassment and sparked resentment among the ranks of working journalists, none of whom could imagine getting such an opportunity with so few qualifications.
"The death throes of the Clinton Machine will not end quickly or mercifully."

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