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Saturday, August 12, 2017

Google THIS!

"For years, the peddlers of diversity have been feeling good and self-righteous by denying reality and the differences between men and women.  They run organizations that mock anyone who dares to challenge the groupthink they impose on their employees. "
I searched Google and Bing for this:  “Google’s Ideological Echo Chamber.”
Searching Bing, this came up.
Searching Google got this

American Thinker has numerous columns discussing this:

Intolerance? Just google Google!  "By now, we've been exposed to a lot of intolerance from the left.  We are often called "racists" just because we voted for Trump. 
On the sanctuary city debate, I've been personally called a "racista" because I believe that cities should follow federal laws. 
"And there is "homophobe" for believing that marriage is between a man and a woman. 
"Iit's all a big intimidation technique reminiscent of anti-Castro Cubans being referred to as "CIA employees" whenever we challenged the regime's failure to hold the promised elections.
"And now there is Google, the company that has put it all out there for all to see. " . . .  Silvio Canto, Jr.

The reason Google is useless for conservative searches  "How many [American Thinker] readers have found that they can no longer do a useful Google search on any news topic?  The only hits that come up are liberal.  Even the Wall Street Journal does not make it, although minor liberal papers like the Christian Science Monitor do.  To find interesting commentary and reporting I trust, I have to go to my list of favorite websites and search on their pages. " . . .

"Bokhari asks if Google will listen to user outrage about P.C. censorship.  The whistleblower's reply:
Google is quite good at listening to both their users and their customers, with one exception: when what the users want is at odds with ideological dogmas widely held at Google. In that case, users don't count. No one does.
Is diversity unsafe for Googlers? "The Brave New World1984 bizarre diversity preaching but diversity fearing Google circus continues.
"Less than an hour before a Google Town Hall meeting for Google personnel on...well, you guessed it: diversity, or the consequences of firing a Google engineer whose diverse ideas deviated from the approved Google thought on diversity, boom...it was canceled. " . . .

From other sources:
Rebels of Google: Softball Interviews for Ivy Leaguers and ‘Underrepresented Minorities’
. . . "Chuck believes that the reason that white and Asian males from non-Ivy League schools do so well at Google is that they have to face a tougher interview process. On average, says Chuck, an employee who does not have the advantage of being either an Ivy Leaguer or an underrepresented minority is likely to be of a higher caliber than other candidates, as they alone are able to beat a recruiting system that’s biased against them." . . .

Expect Google to tighten the ideological echo chamber  "Some interesting developments in the case of James Damore, the Google Senior Software Engineer who now is a former Google Senior Software Engineer. He was fired after Google reacted badly to Damore’s memo challenging explanations for the relative lack of women in software engineering.
The memo was grossly misrepresented as being anti-diversity and anti-female in both the mainstream and tech media.
"The most senior Google executives joined in that tactic. One of the worst posts was by the CEO of Google’s YouTube, Susan Wojcicki, who used her daughter as a prop to attack Damore:" . . .

Jonah Goldberg: Another Manufactured Diversity Spat  "In a sane world, James Damore’s memo to Google colleagues wouldn’t have been controversial at all."
"In 2005, the Los Angeles Times hired me as a columnist. That was great news (for me). But the best part was when Barbra Streisand canceled her subscription in protest."

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