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Tuesday, August 15, 2017

Stop this purging of America's history!

. . . "These symbols are not racist.  They represent a big chunk of U.S. history and heritage for lots of Americans.  It does not mean that we support segregation or the way black Americans were treated.

. . . "As we've read since election day, many Democrats want to change their party so that it appeals to more people between New York City and the California border.  It's hard to see how removing Confederate statues is going to do that.  I think it will be a huge burden on Democrats trying to get votes.
"Also, this is exactly the kind of issue that could generate huge turnout in typically low-turnout midterms." . . .
How are Democrats going to win congressional districts in the South or West or defend red states?  It will be tough with candidates who believe that Robert E. Lee statues should be removed.
Woman protester, 22, who pulled down Confederate statue in North Carolina is arrested and could face PRISON - as Democrat governor vows to remove all 'anti-American' Civil War monuments from his state  . . . "Takiyah Thompson, 22, was taken into custody on Tuesday by Durham County sheriff's deputies shortly after protesters held a news conference at North Carolina Central University where she identified herself as the person who climbed a ladder to the top to tie a rope around the monument before the crowd tore it down on Monday." . . .

Vandals scrawl ‘F–k law’ on Lincoln Memorial  . . . "A preservation crew is working to remove the graffiti without damaging the stone on the historic memorial, officials said.
"The Lincoln Memorial overlooks the Capitol building and National mall. Anyone with information about the crime is asked to contact US Park Police." . . .
Four Perspectives On Removing Confederate Monuments   "There are four main schools of thought as it pertains to the removal of Confederate monuments from public spaces:" . . .
"There is a fourth set of Americans who, while they may agree with those who want Confederate monuments removed, they also worry about what comes next."
. . . 
"This set of people are concerned that the removal of Confederate monuments is only the beginning of a slippery slope, the end of which will be the sanitizing of great swaths of our history. 
"As of now, it appears the movement to pull down Confederate monuments is gaining steam. Where it goes next remains to be seen." 
 Howard Zinn and his pupils will be proud.

Democratic gubernatorial candidate Stacey Abrams calls for removal of Confederate faces off Stone Mountain

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