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Friday, December 8, 2017

US Military set free from shackles of the feckless Obama - the hero of TV talk shows - now conquering ISIS

Just over a year later, ISIS has been routed from Iraq and Syria with an ease and speed that's surprised even the men and women who carried out the mission. Experts say it's a prime example of a campaign promise kept. President Trump scrapped his predecessor’s rules of engagement, which critics say hamstrung the military, and let battlefield decisions be made by the generals in the theater, and not bureaucrats in Washington.
Defense Secretary Jim Mattis waits to greet Polish Defense Minister Antoni Macierewicz, upon his arrival at the Pentagon, Thursday, Sept. 21, 2017, in Washington. (AP Photo/Alex Brandon)
Mattis, a US Marine Corps general, said there would be no White House
 micromanaging on his watch  

Once freed from Obama and the Democrats, the generals were amazed at how easy this was all done. Liberals feared many civilians would be killed if restraints were lifted from our forces; I have to believe civilians are now living that would have died under the American left. TD

Fox News  During the Obama administration in 2016, "Hundreds of ISIS fighters had just been chased out of a northern Syrian city and were fleeing through the desert in long convoys, presenting an easy target to U.S. A-10 "warthogs." 

"But the orders to bomb the black-clad jihadists never came, and the terrorists melted into their caliphate -- living to fight another day. The events came in August 2016, even as then-Republican presidential nominee Donald Trump was vowing on the campaign trail to let generals in his administration crush the organization that, under President Obama, had grown from the “jayvee team” to the world’s most feared terrorist organization. 

U.S. Marine Corps Brig. Gen. Robert Sofge said the military
 now has a clear mandate
. . . "President Trump gave a free hand to Mattis, who in May stressed military commanders were no longer being slowed by Washington “decision cycles,” or by the White House micromanaging that existed President Obama. As a result of the new approach, the fall of ISIS in Iraq came even more swiftly than hardened U.S. military leaders expected.

“It moved more quickly than at least I had anticipated,” Croft said. “We and the Iraqi Security Forces were able to hunt down and target ISIS leadership, target their command and control.”
. . . 
“We were able to focus on what our job was without distraction and I think that goes a long way in what we are trying to accomplish here,” he said.Sofge said criticism that loosening rules of engagement put civilians at risk is “absolutely not true.”

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