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Thursday, June 21, 2018

DRUDGE: Flashback: Obama Sued By Illegal Immigrant's Family For Wrongful Death In Detention Center

Daily Wire

"Amid a media-inflamed firestorm over President Trump's "zero tolerance" illegal immigration policy and an Obama-era Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals ruling that forces illegal immigrant parents to be temporarily separated from their children, several outlets have provided a number of unfortunate flashbacks to the Obama administration's jam-packed immigrant detention centers (like these four).
"On Wednesday, the Drudge Report provided another one: The tragic case of Roberto Aguilar Batista, 38, whose family sued President Barack Obama and multiple federal agencies after Batista died from complications of diabetes while being held in one of the administration's ill-equipped detention centers.
"In a report published August 29, 2014, CBS2 Los Angeles provided some of the details of the case (formatting adjusted):" . . .
Border Patrol Agent Sets The Record Straight On CNN, Embarrasses Host
"On Wednesday, CNN host Brooke Baldwin had on border patrol agent and National Border Patrol Council spokesman Chris Cabrera, with Baldwin seemingly looking to smear and shame the men and women who police our border. Cabrera, though, took the opportunity to hit Baldwin with the reality of the situation at the Southern border, exposing the false and shallow liberal framing of the issue from the mainstream media, including CNN." . . .

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