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Monday, July 2, 2018

Democrats and Anti-ICE; more Balkanization of America


Dems Cutting Their Own Throats by Calling for Abolishing ICE  "Some leading Democrats are becoming increasingly worried that calls from several prominent party members to abolish the Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency will boomerang on the party at the polls in November.
"The Democrats calling for the elimination of ICE aren't obscure backbenchers. Two potential Democratic presidential candidates -- New York Mayor Bill de Blasio and New York Senator Kirsten Gillibrand -- have jumped on board the anti-ICE bandwagon, joining a growing list of far-left Democrats." . . .

ICE at Bay: Siege at Portland Continues as Copycat Insurrections Spread Nationwide
High profile Dems jumping on the abolish ICE bandwagon include 2020 presidential hopeful Senator Kamala Harris (CA), New York Gubernatorial candidate, Sex and the City actress, and lesbian activist Cynthia Nixon, and a number of current Representatives and at least 15 candidates for the House, including the surprise winner of New York’s 14th Congressional District Democrat primary. That new rising star of the left,  Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, was a member of the DSA who was working as a bartender seven months ago. According to the Washington Post, Ocasio-Cortez “made ‘abolish ICE’ a centerpiece of her campaign, with bilingual ‘Abolish ICE/Elimina Ice’ posters appearing in shop windows across Queens and the Bronx.” 
 Feds Finally Take On Occupy ICE Portland

The biggest losers in Mexico's 
election? The Democrats  . . . "What we are looking at here is a bid to ship illegals from other countries through Mexico to the U.S., (to keep Democrats happy), while implicitly discouraging Mexican illegal immigration, which has drained the country of talent. There is no other explanation for such a policy. Turning Mexico into a roadstop for illegals from Central America and elsewhere by calling it a 'human right' is frankly toxic for Mexico, because it will empower cartels and give Mexico's government nothing, not even remittances, and plenty of enmity with the U.S. What's more, it should serve as an electoral mobilizer for Republicans, who will be angry at the move."

Dem Presidential hopefuls are all ‘Democratic Socialists’ now: Elizabeth Warren demands #AbolishICE   . . . "We noted in “Abolish ICE” is Democrat for “Open Borders” and Yes, Dems are actually going to run on that, that the movement gained steam after New York Socialist Democrat Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez put out the call, and it was picked up by presidential hopefuls Senators Kirsten Gillibrand and Kamala Harris." . . .(Emphases in the original)

Poll: Overwhelming Support For President Trump Immigration Positions….

Congressional Hispanic Caucus Pumps The Brakes On Abolishing ICE
"Just when the movement to abolish U.S. Immigration Customs and Enforcement (ICE) started catching fire on the far left side of the political aisle, the Congressional Hispanic Caucus (CHC) has issued talking points to put the brakes on the idea. It’s not for the reason you may hope for, though. The caucus wants to keep the agency to beat up on Trump’s immigration policies, not to support their work." . . .

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