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Saturday, July 14, 2018

Thoughts on the hearings and he who Rush Limbaugh calls "Struck-Smirk"

And any American could be the subject of an out-of-control FBI agent’s personal animus and would have to put up with it, pay tons in lawyers fees, answer the damn questions, or end up in jail.
Thunder Strzok  "The creepiest witness to ever grace a Congressional hearing, minced in his seat and evaded questions for hours on end Thursday. His name? Peter Strzok (pronounced “Struck” for the Democrats on the committee who kept mispronouncing it). The general impression from his testimony? What a complete weirdo. It is astonishing that someone so strange, supercilious and seemingly evil reached so high a position in law enforcement.
"Congressional hearings are always obnoxious but usually it’s the Congressmen and women who are weird, unprofessional, and nonsensical (and there was plenty of that) but they all were upstaged by the paragon of the executive branch, Peter Strzok." . . .

Peter's 'principles' damaged public's faith in FBI  . . . "Instead, he expressed regret that others used his irresponsible words to attack the FBI. Nice deflection attempt, Peter, but you own those words, despite your weak-chinned efforts to separate yourself from them. You, not others, did the damage to the FBI, the institution you professed to “love.' ” . . .

Strzok angrily referred to this unfortunate Trump incident

At the time my reaction to Trump was much the same and I naturally became a never-Trumper. As President now, I see his skills in running this nation, what he has done to ISIS, how he has stood up to Iran compared with the feckless Obama, how he cares for this nation as opposed to Obama's embarrassment over it and - I fear - the left's running it in the future. 
Are President Trump's unfortunate remarks about the Khans as despicable as witnessing Hillary lying about the Benghazi dead to their families while standing beside the caskets of their sons? Did that anger you, Agent Strzok? TD

Cohen’s “Purple Heart” comment spurs veteran protest  "According to the Tennessean, Steve Cohen’s comment the other day about how he wished that he could award FBI agent Peter Strzok a Purple Heart for the abuse he received from Republicans at a congressional hearing has angered Memphis veterans;" . . .

Strzok Ignored Evidence That Hillary’s Emails Were Sent to a Foreign Entity
"Rep. Louis Gohmert, a member of the House Committee on the Judiciary, said during a hearing Thursday that a government watchdog found that nearly all of former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton’s emails were sent to a foreign entity. The FBI, specifically Strzok, did not follow-up." . . .

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