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Tuesday, May 21, 2019

Justin Amash's primary challenger: He 'has more in common with Rashida Tlaib’ than GOP Voters

Julio Rosas   "In the aftermath of Rep. Justin Amash, R-Mich., calling for President Trump to be impeached over the findings in Robert Mueller's report from the special counsel's investigation, he is now going to be facing a primary challenger. State Rep. Jim Lower announced his candidacy on Sunday.

"Speaking with Fox News' Laura Ingraham on Monday, Lower further explained why he is running against the five-term congressman.
" 'He is calling for our president to be impeached and he doubled down on it today. I saw that he doubled down on those comments saying the Mueller report indicated he should be impeached. There is nobody besides Bob Mueller that would have loved to come out with that conclusion, and even he couldn’t come to that conclusion. It is completely ridiculous," Lower said.
" 'You know at this point, Justin Amash has more in common with Rashida Tlaib than he does the average Republican primary voter in the district. So, we are going beat him on this issue, but we’re also beat him on the fact that in ten years in Congress, he’s gotten one bill passed and it was to rename a post office. Completely ineffective," he said." . . .

National Review: House Freedom Caucus Condemns Amash for Accusing Trump of ‘Impeachable Conduct’  . . . "I addition to the backlash he received from the Freedom Caucus, Amash’s impeachment stand prompted an immediate primary challenge from Michigan state representative Jim Lower, who told the Detroit Free Press on Monday that he planned to announce his bid in July, but felt compelled to speed up his timeline in the wake of Amash’s statements.
"A number of top Republicans, including House Minority Leader Kevin McCarthy, have also condemned Amash’s lack of party loyalty. McCarthy noted Amash’s penchant for voting against the Republican party line and suggested he may no longer belong in the GOP caucus during a Sunday Fox News appearance. He did tell Politico, however, that Amash could retain his committee assignments.
"President Trump similarly accused Amash of seeking to exploit the controversy surrounding the Mueller report for his own political gain." . . .  More here

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