Monday, April 20, 2015

Whatever You Think About Hillary, It’s Worse! How to quit the Hillary habit.

. . . "So the Democratic Party is putting forth a candidate who is a galaxy-sized hypocrite,  lies about just about everything — now including her grandparents’ citizenship, pretending they were immigrants — and erased more emails than even the IRS from her personal server, which she used illegally while secretary of state, before trashing the whole shebang who knows where.  Also her foundation was taking money from Saudi Arabia where women aren’t allowed to drive and, in one notorious case, dozens of teenage school girls were burned to death by the religious police. And then there’s the little matter of Benghazi.  (Hey, what difference does it make?  Just a few people got killed. And so what if some of them were Navy SEALs. Didn’t they sign up for that?)  And we can give her a pass for refusing to name Boko Haram a terror group. (Okay, more than a few people got killed and raped in that one and continue to be, but give her another break. She was a diplomat after all.  Go too far and Suha Arafat will never kiss you again.  And all those people currently dying off the Libyan coast or being decapitated in that country by ISIS.  Okay, that’s a problem.  But would you want to see Gaddafi still around chasing everything in a skirt?)
"And now this woman is actually running for president of the United States and people are actually taking her seriously?  Have we all gone crazy?  How do we look our liberal friends in the eye? How do they look themselves in the eye?" . . .

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