Monday, April 20, 2015

Who authorized Obama to kick over the nuclear balance?

Who authorized Obama to kick over the nuclear balance?. . .  "The whole world now understands President Obama’s caudillo  style, his autocratic style of governance. We know about the abuse of the IRS, the Department of Justice and our immigration system. We see his contempt for the constitutional powers of Congress. Yet even the US Supreme Court has ducked any chance to restrain him.

"American presidents have a lot more free rein in foreign affairs compared to the domestic side, and here Obama has done his worst. When NATO assaulted Libya in 2011 without provocation, Obama was asked whether Congress shouldn’t have a role under the War Powers Act. He just laughed." 
"As a result, we are now viewed with suspicion by our allies, and we’re laughed at by our enemies. Obama shows no compassion at all --- especially to Muslims, who have died by the tens and hundreds of thousands in Syria, Libya, Egypt and now Yemen, following actions by this president. Al Qaida is stronger than ever, and ISIS receives direct support from Obama’s “friends” in Turkey and Qatar.

"George W. Bush was witch-hunted for years by the media after the Iraq invasion, but no liberal newspaper can be heard complaining about Obama’s reckless interventions in the Middle East. There are no constraints on Obama." . . . More...

 . . .  "As bad as Obama is domestically, in foreign policy he is downright dangerous. That’s what happens when the Left falls in love with a radical leftist with lifelong anger problems."  (Emphasis mine, TD)

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