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Monday, June 27, 2016

#Calexit: A #Brexit Inspired movement America loves!

I'd be happy to see California split from the State of Jefferson. So would Jefferson. TD

Legal Insurrection

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"Legal Insurrection readers and authors were recently having a robust discussion on the the British exit from the European Union and its potential impact on the U.S.

"Perhaps the biggest #Brexit effect with be on state independence movements. For example, Louis J. Marinelli, a Californian political activist and leader of the California independence movement, is using the European developments to drive a harder push to have California split from the United States.
His dream of seeing a free, independent California Republic was buoyed by Thursday’s shock result of the United Kingdom leaving the European Union—known as Brexit. Marinelli, president of the “Yes California” movement, was inspired by the Brexit vote, as “Leave” supporters in England and Wales overwhelmed “Remain” backers in Scotland and Northern Ireland—prompting discussions of whether Scotland will hold another referendum to leave the U.K behind and retain EU membership.
All Friday, Marinelli and “Yes California” were busy tweeting and interacting with people musing about a California exit—or Calexit.
"The move already has quite a few proponents:" . . .

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