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Monday, June 27, 2016

Why we must support Donald Trump

Political Cartoons by Gary Varvel

American Thinker  "I supported Ted Cruz during the primaries and struggled mightily with Donald Trump (and in many ways still do).  But I will vote for Trump in November, because as intrigued as I was early on by the NeverTrump movement, it’s clear these folks (who stand on soap boxes of personal integrity) are putting self before country.

"David Horowitz and Daniel Greenfield of Front Page Magazine are two conservatives among many who have been covering the urgent need to get behind Trump.  Writing in forceful and eloquent ways, they are sounding the alarm, pointing out critical differences between Trump and Clinton.  Most recently, Horowitz wrote:
Barack Obama delivers nuclear weapons and $150 billion to America’s mortal enemy in the Middle East…
But when Donald Trump insinuates the president is a man of uncertain loyalties, Republican leaders back away from him. When Trump proposes fighting “radical Islam,” securing America’s borders, stopping unvetted immigration from Muslim terrorist states, surveilling mosques, and scrutinizing the families of terrorist actors, Republicans join Democrats in denouncing him, or take an uncomfortable distance or maintain a silence that leaves him to fend for himself. [snip]
…Democrat betrayers of America are on the attack, while Republican leaders who claim to be patriots are on the run…This is the sad state of the Republican forces in retreat in an election campaign that will decide the fate of our country.
. . .
"So to those holier-than-thou conservatives who refuse to vote for Donald Trump because their personal integrity will not allow them to do so, I say: if you want more jihad, don’t vote for Trump, and help Hillary win.  If you want to be sure our borders remain open, don’t vote for Trump, and help Hillary win.  And if you want the next president to be someone who got Americans killed and then lied about it, don’t vote for Trump, and help Hillary win.  And when Hillary Clinton is sworn in as the next president, you can pat yourself on the back, know you did the right thing, and raise a glass to your integrity, which will have served your ego but not the nation."

Bookworm puts it clearly: . . . "What I can’t respect is Will’s willingness to hand the White House over to Hillary:" . . .

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