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Sunday, June 19, 2016

Here are some non PC words you had better avoid as the truth often upsets!

The Real Politically Incorrect WebRing 

 "Please use the PC alternative...."

AliveTemporarily metabolically abled.
BaldFollicularly challenged
Body OdourNon discretionary fragrance
Broken HomeDysfunctional family
CaretakerSite Engineer
ClumsyUniquely coordinated
CriminalBehaviourally challenged
DeadLiving impaired
DishonestEthically disoriented
DrunkChemically inconvenienced
DustmanSanitation Engineer
FailAchieve a deficiency
FairyPetite airborne humanoid with mystical powers
FatHorizontally challenged
Foreign FoodEthnic cuisine
GhettoEconomically disadvantaged area
GirlfriendUnpaid sex worker
GossipSpeedy transmission of near-factual information
HousewifeDomestic Engineer
IgnorantKnowledge-based non-possessor
Illegal AliensUndocumented Immigrants
JailerCustodial Artist
JungleRain Forest
LateRescheduled arrival time
LazyMotivationally deficient
LumberjackTree Murderer
Natural DisasterGlobal Warming occurrence
ProstituteSex worker
Sex changeGender reassignment
ShortVertically challenged
ShyConversationally selective
SpendthriftNegative saver
TalkativeAbundantly verbal
TallVertically enhanced
Trailer ParkMobile Home community
TrampHomeless person
UglyCosmetically different
UnemployedInvoluntarily leisured
VagrantNonspecifically destinationed individual
White TrashWhite Trash
WorstLeast best
WrongDifferently logical
Conclusion: Political correctness changes our language to reflect left wing ideas.

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