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Monday, July 11, 2016

Moments of class from the Dallas massacre

Cop Says There Were Unnoticed Heroes From Dallas Shooting Who Deserve Praise
Dallas Shooting's Unsung Heroes Also Deserve Praise, Cop Says
Fire and Rescue on the scene at the Dallas ambush (Source: CNN)
. . . "The message from Officer Rushing’s page, which was later posted to the Fort Worth Police Officer Association’s Twitter page, read, “Fire did NOT get enough credit…they were moving with us in ambulances toward Market St toward the gunfire. Every single time we told them to get out of the shooting zone the driver would just keep yelling, ‘Just tell us where they are,’ referring to our downed Officers.” . . .
Beautiful memorial to fallen DPD officers 

. . . "He described killer Johnson as a ‘nut job’ who saw fit to kill innocent people in response to an emotional frustration.

 ' ‘He became a sick individual’ he added.
"The Ashab network were meeting in Dallas today to pray for peace. "

Heroic mother who acted as human shield for her son says she saw cops shot in front of her that she pledged to march against
"Taylor said she saw two officers get shot - one she believes was killed
As one cop slumped he had warned the mom-of-four 'He's got a gun, run'"
More on this lady here: 

 Mother Shot in Dallas Massacre: The Police ‘Were Really Heroes for Us’

  • Shetamia Taylor

  • . . . “ 'That officer jumped on top of me, and covered me, and my son,” she tearfully relayed. “There was another one at our feet, and there was another one over our head. And there were several of them lined against the wall over there and they just stayed there with us.' ” . . .

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