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Friday, August 26, 2016

Victor Davis Hanson on "Diversity: History’s Pathway to Chaos "

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Victor Davis Hanson  . . . "The propaganda of history’s multicultural empires — the Ottoman, the Russian, the Austro-Hungarian, the British, and the Soviet — was never the strength of their diversity. To avoid chaos, their governments bragged about the religious, ideological, or royal advantages of unity, not diversity. 

"Nor did more modern quagmires like Iraq, Lebanon, Syria, Rwanda, or Yugoslavia boast that they were “diverse.” Instead, their strongman leaders naturally claimed that they shared an all-encompassing commonality. 

"When such coerced harmony failed, these nations suffered the even worse consequences of diversity, as tribes and sects turned murderously upon each other.
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The Balkanization Of America   
... America has been successful because we have become one people. There is a "social glue" of a common language, a shared history, uniting symbols that tie us together. We live under a common flag, which we honor, and salute.
American Dhimmitude: The Road From Amnesty (From 2006)  . . . "If, however, we surrender to the illegal-alien will to power - by caving in to their demands for passage of the McCain-Kennedy amnesty - we would be following Europe into our own version of dhimmitude, wherein a decadent host civilization capitulates to the chauvinist assertions of outsiders."

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