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Sunday, August 7, 2016

Fascists & Theocrats

Mike Adams
Fascists & Theocrats

"Several months ago I received a scathing rebuke from a gay professor who we will call Rod – because that is his name. He was angered by my insistence that a Christian musician should not be forced to perform at gay weddings. He asserted that the “cost of doing business” is that you must “accommodate” all segments of the population, regardless of your religious beliefs. In other words, he articulated the belief that every single business has to serve every single customer in order to “accommodate the public” – even if that means attending religious services that violate his conscience. In that sense, he seemed every bit as unhinged as Libertarian presidential candidate Gary Johnson. 

"I did not think much of Rod’s statement and simply discarded it without a second thought. The reason for my flippancy is that Professor Rod writes me quite often. He messages me on social media and emails me repeatedly. For a guy who seems to hate me he almost seems to like me. So I generally ignore him in the hope he will go away.

" Last week, however, Professor Rod sent a message that I simply could not discard." . . .    
“homo fascists”?

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