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Friday, September 2, 2016

Hitler's 3-mile-long abandoned Nazi resort is transforming into a luxury getaway

Business Insider   "Three years before Germany invaded Poland in 1939, Adolf Hitler ordered the construction of the world's largest tourist resort, located on a beachfront property on the island of Rügen.
The Nazis called it Prora.

"Capable of holding more than 20,000 residents at a single time, Prora was meant to comfort the weary German worker who toiled away in a factory without respite.
"According to historian and tour guide Roger Moorhouse, it was also meant to serve as the carrot to the stick of the Gestapo — a pacifying gesture to get the German people on Hitler's side.
"But then World War II began, and Prora's construction stalled — until now. " . . .

Over the next three years, more than 9,000 workers erected a 2.7-mile-long building out of brick and concrete. Its practicality was dwarfed by its grandness. Moorhouse calls it "megalomania in stone."

What began as drab Nazi socialist architecture here:

It became a shell of building, a failed Nazi dream left to decay for the next several decades ...

Became a capitalist renewal:

... while more modest units will be less expensive.

. . . "The structure, conceived right on the brink of global chaos, could end up flopping a second time, tainted by its first failed vision."

Hat tip to Jeff Hayden; Plano, TX

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