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Friday, September 2, 2016

What Women Voters Need to Know About Hillary and Huma Abedin

President Obama has already taken the unique and bizarre viewpoint that schools should allow boys and girls to decide what gender they are, and that boys and men should be allowed to use women’s’ bathrooms.  Obama is catering to a tiny group of people and politicizes the idea that their sexual preferences are more important than the concerns of mothers for the safety of their sons and daughters.
Political Cartoons by Robert Ariail
Michael Bargo, Jr.  "A few days ago it was revealed that Anthony D. Weiner of New York was sexting a woman on Twitter.  In 2011 he had to resign from Congress after it was proven that he was sending lewd photos of himself to women on the internet.  This creepy behavior has another, deeper, more disturbing layer:  Weiner is married to Huma Abedin who is Hillary Clinton’s closest aide.

"Women voters need to think about this; that both Hillary and Huma Abedin are married to men who aggressively seek out anonymous women.   Both of their husbands are sexual predators; and what is more disturbing is that both of these women know their husbands are sexual predators and did not divorce them, did not distance themselves from them, did not aggressively condemn their behavior."
. . . 
No one expected Obama to make the announcement that gender identity is a matter of personal choice and that public schools will be forced to make bathroom changes.  Young boys and girls spend their entire day in public schools.  Women voters, knowing that Hillary doesn’t care about sexual predation and workplace sexual harassment, should stop and realize what values Hillary will bring to the public school system, and if they want their daughters and sons to hear them.  Once Hillary issues an edict her message, like Obama’s, will be forced upon students in every public school in the nation.  By then, parents will have no choice.  Their only opportunity to make a choice is in November.  They know what Hillary’s marriage values are, and what changes Obama has forced on schools.  And as Obama’s trend has shown, things will only get worse. 
This is not my father's Democrat Party. 

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