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Monday, September 12, 2016

What about Quranic slavery, Colin?

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Tundra Tabloids
WND  "Colin Kaepernik “seemingly converted to Islam at his girlfriend’s urging and is now a self-styled black Muslim,” Larry Klayman writes. Klayman also refers to reports of Kaepernick’s relationship with Black Lives Matter activist DJ Nessa Diab. Therefore, it’s probably worth investigating whether George Soros, BLM funder, is actually behind the Kaepernik stunt. Would it surprise anyone if Soros were?
"In any case, does Kaepernick know that Muhammad himself was a slaver and a slaveholder? Slavery is permitted in the Quran and practiced to this day in certain parts of the world. Throughout their history, Arab Muslims made slaves of tens of millions of black Africans; they often castrated the men and boys. Millions of black Africans died of maltreatment during enslavement by Muslim Arabs. Why doesn’t Kaepernik and his ilk call out Islam for its abominable history of cruel slavery that is still practiced by ISIS, for example?
"Kaepernik is evading another reality. Does he care that 3 percent of the U.S. population, young black males (15-35), commit over half of all homicides America and the plurality of other violent crimes? Does he care that every year about 6,000 people are killed by blacks and that most of their victims are black? Will Kaepernik take any responsibility for ignoring the core problem of black-on-black crime by shifting the narrative to the police without whom black-on-black crime would soar to much higher levels?"

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