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Thursday, November 17, 2016

America's date with Obama

David Lawrence  "In 2008, America had a date with Barack Obama.  He was beautiful, exotic (half- black).  Our citizens went out with him as if they were homely Americans who had the chance to date a rock star.
He was the answer to their loneliness.  He was surprise magnificence culled from the rock of a new transparency.
"And we (not me – I'm not looking for false idols) kneeled before his teleprompter clichés and thought he was going to bring us all together in a communal dance of love.
"And as he undermined our original impression of him, we were too blind to see his failures.  We did not see his self-hatred in his returning the bust of Churchill to England.  We didn't hear the undermining jihadism in his Cairo speech.  We didn't feel the anti-Semitism in his disrespect for Netanyahu.  We didn't sense his cowardice in his praising the peacefulness of Muslims or the rise of ISIS in his pulling our troops out of Iraq.
"We didn't sense the new racism between blacks and whites in Ferguson and Baltimore.  We didn't try to stop his turning cops from bulwarks against crime into targets.
"We believed that he was trying to help blacks when he lowered their standard of living.  The white middle class went along with him.
"And we didn't think there was anything wrong when he turned our sexual identities on their head and promoted redefining marriage and people choosing the men's or the ladies' bathroom as they see fit.
"We didn't realize that our children would suffer under his twenty-trillion-dollar debt.
"We didn't notice these things because he was so dynamic and fantastic that we were in love.  And love makes bad choices.  It often attracts opposites.
"Obama was the opposite of civilization, and he tore down a great, successful nation.  Like Pete Townsend in The Who, he tore down our nation and broke our guitars."
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