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Thursday, November 17, 2016

Director of National Intelligence James Clapper submits resignation

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Red State  . . . "We can only hope that he doesn’t injure himself leaving the building because his handling of the national defense establishment has been nothing but clumsy, maladroit, and bordering on criminally incompetent. It was Clapper’s DNI that failed to detect an impending attack on Benghazi and then excised all mention of al Qaeda and terrorism from Susan Rice’s infamous talking points. Any demurral Clapper had about the Obama administration’s Arab Spring disaster was well hidden. Clapper’s DNI was, to all appearances, blind-sided by ISIS and intelligence estimates were apparently cooked in order to let the White House pat itself on the back for the kick-ass job it was doing. Most shameful,though, was Clapper’s deliberately lying to Congress over the extent of NSA’s eavesdropping on US citizens:" . . .

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