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Saturday, November 19, 2016

White Lives Matter March Met With Opposing Rally; Law Enforcement Called To The Scene


Wayne Dupree  "I am one to believe All Lives Matter, so if I call out Black Lives Matter, I will do the same for this White Lives Matter movement.

"Stop breaking this nation down by color. We are so much better than that, and when you do break it down by color, then violence follows, don’t you see that? Tensions rise every time these things happen, and I am sick of them, all of them.
"I understand the idea of the White Lives Matter movement listening to the gentlemen in the video below but is it a coincidence that down the street, they were unveiling a statue at the Texas African-American History event?
. . . 
"I don’t support this rally just like I won’t support black lives matter because I am not about separating by color but I understand their reasoning. They are adults so they know they are in for whatever comes their way.
"I’ll be so glad when Barack Obama leaves office. Nothing but his policies have given way to these actions. America needs to just stop, reset and move forward with a better outlook and positive direction. We can’t do that with the infection still sitting in the White House." . . .

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