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Saturday, November 19, 2016

TV News Anchor Fired For Criticizing Obama


"Last night the cast of the Broadway hit Hamilton accused Vice President-elect Mike Pence of a being a racist homophobic man who will destroy the planet and they will probably get a special Tony award for it. In Houston this week a local news anchorwoman was fired because she made some true critical observations about current president Barack Obama.
"The NY Daily News reports that KRIV has fired news anchor Scarlett Fakhar for a now-deleted personal FaceBook post where she told it like it is concerning Obama dividing the country.
"In response to all of the liberal crybabies complaining about Donald Trump’s victory over Hillary Clinton, Fakhar wrote that she was, “happy and relieved.”
“ 'I prayed for the best leader that will turn this country that has become more violent and racist under the Obama administration than ever…into the country I once knew,” wrote Fakhar.
“ 'Want to talk about going down hill? Look what Obama has done…how he was made the entire country hate one another. Were you happy with how many people were killing each other in our own country? I work in news…and I hate to say it…but the number of African Americans killing one another far outweighs the number of them being killed by whites,” she continued.
“ 'And now you have groups murdering police officers both black and white. How did this happen under the Obama administration? You guys wanted another administration like that?” Fakhar asked." . . .

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