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Friday, December 2, 2016

Recount for low-information candidates

Recount Scam
Legal Insurrection here.
On the recount, Dr. Stein is not a serious person  . . . "Either way, the Stein recounts are a colossal waste of money and energy when there is not a shred of credible evidence of fraud or error and when the final vote in these three states likely will not change very much.
"Stein’s quixotic moralizing damages the credibility of the very institution she claims to protect -- the sanctity of the ballot box. It could even put Wisconsin’s 10 electoral votes at risk if the recount isn’t completed by the time the Electoral College meets in December to officially confirm Trump’s election. Stein wants a hand count of ballots, and sued on Monday to try to force a reluctant state government to do that.
"Hillary Clinton’s campaign should have stayed far away from this nonsense. Instead, her campaign is participating in the recount."

Michigan Attorney General Attempting To Stop Recount  "This is just coming out via Politico, and it’s an interesting turn of events in the (ridiculous) election recount saga started by Jill Stein and endorsed by many Democrats and liberals." . . .

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