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Friday, December 2, 2016

On Drafting women into the military

The chair of the committee is John McCain, and he had no comment yesterday, as a spokesman said President Obama supports requiring women to register for the draft.
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Althouse  . . . "Registering for the draft is a symbolic ritual... until the draft becomes real. Is the symbolism of equality worth it? The government, if it ever reinstates the draft, can opt only to call up the males on the list. So why not go for equality in the symbolism? Perhaps the better question is: Why put young people through this symbolic ritual? Or: Why discriminate against men, subjecting only them to the ritual?

"As for an actual draft, compelling men and women into service, I have never been able to picture Americans accepting forcing their daughters into combat. But if you allow women in combat and you force women into service, would we tolerate a system in which, when it comes to combat, women have a choice and men do not? "

But I have learned from watching Hollywood action movies that women can physically dominate men twice their size. They are in charge of most tactical operations, ordering units about with authority and putting sexist males in their place with devastating remarks and exhibitions of superiority - all while maintaining their hairstyle and plucked eyebrows. 

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