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Wednesday, January 11, 2017

How to Kill Everyone on Welfare (In the Name of Liberalism)

Mike Adams

How to Kill Everyone on Welfare (In the Name of Liberalism)

"My pro­choice friends kill me sometimes with their kindness and compassion. In return, I try to kill them with sarcasm. However, a recent comment made to me by a self­proclaimed liberal was so calloused it deserves a serious response. I will paraphrase the remark, which is one most pro­lifers have heard at some point in their lives: 

“I would rather have hundreds of my tax dollars used to abort an unwanted child now than have hundreds of thousands used for public assistance later.” 

In case you did not grasp the obvious, that comment is not an example of liberalism. It is an example of eugenics, plain and simple. Furthermore, it is unbecoming of an educated person to even consider such a justification for the taking of innocent life. If you are not completely appalled by that remark then you probably did not grasp its ramifications. Hence, it may be time to dissect it with a little thought experiment. So try to imagine the following: " . . .

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