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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

In 2009, media drooled over Obama. To Trump they bare their teeth.

Flustered Todd Snaps at Conway Over Media Bias  . . . "Todd’s self-righteous indignation for the truth is humorous if you examine his record. When Congressman John Lewis claimed Trump was an illegitimate president Todd didn’t push back, instead, he played along asking “what should be done.” He has even been called out on his own show, by a colleague, for picking sides in the election. And let’s not forget that he failed to disclose to his viewers that his wife’s political strategy firm received $1.992 million dollars from the Bernie Sanders campaign." . . . 

Trump Dark Speech
Tony Branco
The Hill   "January of 2009, Obama’s Inauguration:
"Michael D. Shear at the Washington Post wrote: “A city that had braced for record-breaking attendance swelled with visitors who would… nearly double its population. Before dawn yesterday, more than 1 million people began streaming into the city to bear witness to the event, brushing aside the frigid temperatures and travel problems… Obama looked out at a sea of admirers….”
"Peter Baker at the New York Times had an equally flattering portrayal: “The vast crowd that thronged the Mall on a frigid but bright winter day was the largest to attend an inauguration in decades, if not ever.” 

"January of 2017, Trump’s Inauguration: 
"Fast forward eight years later, and here is what Shear and Baker wrote jointly in the pages of the New York Times: “Sporadic violence broke out as demonstrators smashed shop windows and burned a limousine, while police officers in riot helmets responded with tear gas. More than 200 people were arrested.”
"In other words, while Obama’s inauguration was “record-breaking” and full of “admirers,” Trump’s was filled with “(s)poradic violence” and “smashed shop windows.”
"The media at large followed in lockstep in their dishonest portrayal, shouting from the rooftops the same words being used by the likes of Democratic senators." 
Uniquely dark.”  Angry” and “grim-faced.”Ugly echoes” with anti-Semitic overtones.  
"These were but a few of the “unbiased” media’s recaps of Trump’s inaugural address." . . . 

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