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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Get ready to start paying sales tax on those Amazon purchases

Hot Air

"We’ve spent more time than I’d care to remember talking about the long dormant Marketplace Fairness Act (MFA) here over the past few years. Nothing much ever came of it in terms of new legislation (yet) but one of the key players in that space is obviously Amazon. They’ve fought tooth and nail against the government stepping in and forcing the issue, much to the distress of many brick and mortar outlets.
"But now there’s been a major sea change. It may be because Anthony Kennedy recently said he’d vote to allow states to require such collections. Perhaps it was a number of red states imposing online taxes as trial balloons. Or maybe it’s just because Neil Gorsuch is on his way to serve as a tie-breaker on the Supreme Court and he’s widely considered a states’ rights advocate. Whatever the cause, Amazon has done an about face and announced they’ll be collecting and remitting sales tax in all 45 states that charge it. (Axios)" . . .

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