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Thursday, March 30, 2017

Maxine Waters silent on threats to murder president, violence against Trump supporters

"As we’ve reported multiple times, Trump supporters have been violently attacked by radical leftists and the president has been targeted with death threats."

Joe Newby


"As we and others reported Tuesday, Rep. Maxine Waters, D-Calif., continued her non-stop attacks on President Trump by going after those who support him, suggesting that she and others of her ilk are somehow more patriotic than those who support the chief executive.  We reached out to her Washington, D.C. office to find out if she condemns the many calls and threats to murder the president and the violence meted out against his supporters.  As of our midnight deadline, we received no answers to our questions.
"Here are the three questions we asked:
  1. As you may know, there have been numerous reports of threats and actual violence directed at the president’s supporters (including children).  Does the Congresswoman condemn those actions?
  2. There have been numerous threats directed at the president himself, some of which include threats and calls to assassinate him.  Does the Congresswoman condemn those as well?
  3. Is the Congresswoman at all concerned that her rhetoric might encourage more of the type of attacks and threats we’ve seen since November, and will she publicly call for an end to those attacks/threats?. . . 
Image result for angry maxine waters cartoonsThey are all Maxine Waters now...  . . . "Apparently there are 28 Democrats in the Senate for whom the right path is too damn hard.  Could these men and women be any more childish?  They are allMaxine Waters now.  Rep. Waters has vowed to boycott any event, meeting, or ceremony with Trump in attendance.  Congresswoman Waters is the jealous middle school mean girl who likes to gang up on the student body president.  Of  course, everyone with a brain sees her for what she is, a woman so handicapped by vituperation and self-aggrandizement that she has become a joke.  She may be a heroine to ignorant millennials for her anti-Trumpism but that just proves their constitutional and political illiteracy. " . . .

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