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Wednesday, May 17, 2017

Democrats project their own Soviet betrayals on Trump

James Lewis  "Democrats acted in close collusion with the Soviet Union when Lenin, Stalin, and all the other Red totalitarians were in power. In some cases, leftists betrayed US national security secrets to the Soviets, the most famous being the atom bomb secrets.  Today, Democrats are accusing Donald Trump of plotting with Vladimir Putin to steal an election. They have convinced themselves that Trump is giving away national security secrets, right in the Oval Office. 

"This is in fact what Bill Clinton did by re-classifying US missile launching secrets to become non-secrets, allowing them to be sold to China. It is also what Hillary may have been doing with Huma Abedin (from the Muslim Brotherhood family) and letting her email server be so easily hacked that any knowledgeable foreign power could get the US SecState’s confidential information. Hillary took Muslim Brotherhood money through the Clinton Foundation, and now we know that Bill and Hillary were both involved in a Russian buy-out of 25% of US uranium sources. 
"During the Cold War, when conservatives criticized Soviet Russia, they were viciously slandered by liberals. Americans in the Cold War always had two great enemies: The Soviet Empire and the domestic left. If you doubt it, look back at Vietnam, Korea and other big flare-ups in the Cold War. The left was always 100% predictable. 
"If Democrats had a conscience, it would sink them from their weight of guilt. Fortunately, their media dominance can block out a whole century of pro-totalitarian agitation and propaganda The left is utterly deaf, dumb and blind, most of all to their own guilty collusion with Marxist totalitarianism wherever it spread." . . . 

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