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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

The Hypocrisy of the Liberal Media Explained in One Cartoon

Mike Adams, the Health Ranger  . . . "Today, the mainstream leftist media has devolved into a network of tabloid activists. They've abandoned key principles they once claimed to stand for, and they now spew hatred and bigotry against minority groups who are then subjected to death threats, the burning down of their businesses, and the most outrageous bullying and intimidation imaginable.

"This, the leftist media claims, is "tolerance."

"But their "tolerance" has turned to totalitarianism. They now demand total obedience to their own narrowly-held beliefs, values and preferences, and anyone who does not fall into line is intimidated, bullied, vilified and even death-threated. As this news story now explains, gay activists are demanding Christian churches be forced to shut down if they do not publicly endorse gay marriage." . . .
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