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Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Will This Be The Week That Was for the Fox News Channel?

Peter Barry Chowka  "The week ahead promises to be a critical one for the future of the wounded and limping Fox News Channel (FNC). Knocked off its perch in early May as the longstanding number one cable television news outlet, FNC is now contending with an uncertain future. Declining ratings, internal conflicts and poor programming decisions, and new controversies have helped to energize a determined outside viral de facto “resist Fox News” campaign with the purpose of taking the channel down."
. . . 

. . . "Before the Memorial Day holiday weekend began, at least seven companies had abandoned advertising on Hannity’s nightly show. While far fewer than the fifty or so sponsors that had bolted from The O’Reilly Factor last April, the possibility nonetheless exists that the boycott effort targeting Hannity could gain momentum in the days ahead and conceivably threaten the future of the program.
"With the rest of FNC’s prime time shows faltering – The Story with Martha McCallum at 7 PM, Tucker Carlson at 8, and The Five at 9 (all times Eastern) –Hannity at 10 PM is still often the ratings leader on the beleaguered channel. The loss of Sean Hannity’s program, further unhinging FNC’s prime time schedule, could spell ratings doom for FNC." . . .
. . . "I asked Crokin if she thinks that Sean Hannity will keep his Fox News show. “There are truly powerful and evil forces that are trying to get Sean Hannity fired,” Crokin replied. “They will try their best to get him canned. However, if that happens, it will only bring more awareness to the Seth Rich murder case and how the media is not only complicit but also, in some cases, accomplices in this massive cover up. This is a case where the cover up is way bigger than the crime. This is Watergate on steroids!”
To be continued.
Peter Barry Chowka is a veteran journalist who writes about national politics, media, popular culture, and health care.

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