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Thursday, June 15, 2017

Fake news media have blood on their hands

. . . Fake news media pretending to be outraged over the shooting is as absurd as a farmer planting corn and acting shocked when stalks appear. Fake news media's and Democrats' summer of violence has begun.

Lloyd Marcus   "I heard Rush Limbaugh say things are looking good regarding Republicans passing health care reform.  Paraphrasing, Rush says that if that happens, leftists' bad behavior will sink to new levels.

"When the GOP passes health care legislation, fake news media will gleefully incite leftists to new levels of violence.  Fake news media created the anti-Trump crazies for the distinct purpose of inflicting punishment on Trump supporters.  They hope chaos in our streets will ultimately lead to removing Trump from office.  In worship and furtherance of their leftist agenda, fake news media gladly throw American lives on the altar to be burned.

"Folks, I wish I could magically open the eyes of low-info voters to see that fake news media's sole motivation is advancing their anti-Christian agenda and usurping power to control every aspect of our lives.  They are not tolerant of any other point of view.  They are arrogant, believing themselves to be superior.

"While touting their superior compassion and preaching "give peace a chance," leftists beat the crap out of anyone they catch wearing a "Make America Great Again" cap or t-shirt.  Pictures of bloody Trump supporters attacked by peacenik leftists are all over the internet.

"The crews at CNN, MSNBC, and the DNC are despicable human beings with blood on their hands.  Their relentless 24/7 spewing of lies about Trump for the purpose of generating violence is harming people.  In essence, they have launched a clarion call to their enraged base and George Soros-funded hit-men to punish Trump supporters.  Victimized women, seniors, and children are deemed acceptable collateral damage.  This is evil from the pits of hell, folks.  Insidiously, fake news media shroud their disdain for everyday Americans and Trump in intellectual-sounding words." . . .

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